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Fashionable hairstyles in fall and winter of 2016-17: trends

Do you want to start a new life? Change your hairstyle! A new styling and a new color of hair add to an inner transformation of a woman, change her mood and feeling, and, along with that, the entire world surrounding her changes. What changes to choose for oneself in the coming season, you can… Read More »

Hairstyles for thick hair

Those ladies with beautiful long hairs are always attract attention, especially of long hair are quite thick. However, these women often got such headache as combing and styling their hair, furthermore, sometimes long heavy thick hair can cause a real strong headache.   Usually, all problems connected with hair care can be linked to wrong… Read More »

Hair-dye without ammonia: Myth or truth?

Earlier women understood well that beauty requires sacrifices, thus they breath with ammonia steam while dyeing their hair. But now we have a new product: hair-dye without ammonia. Is it real? Is it possible that hair colour does not have terrible smell and the same time fx the colour for the long time. Invention of… Read More »

Highlights with dark hair inspiration

Wearing the highlights with dark hair can make you look gorgeous. Sometimes, you want to look for some fresh ideas for your hairstyles. Usually, people wear the dark hair color with lighter color for the highlights. but doing it the opposite way is also a great idea.   The colors for the highlights with dark… Read More »

Hairstyle Color Ideas for spring 2012

Hairstyle color ideas for spring 2012 should be chosen to complete you spring and summer fashion and clothing style. Hair color has been popular for long time ago to create unique and gorgeous hairstyle. The steps of how to color your original hair color with other color is relatively different for each person. It might… Read More »

Kardashians hairstyles inspiration

The Kardashians hairstyles are actually pretty simple and easy for you to apply. The Kardashians are the family name. The famous Kardashians sisters are Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. They also have a brother named Rob and two step sisters named Kylie and Kendall Jenner.   Kardashians Hairstyles for the daily style The Kardashian hairstyles… Read More »