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The Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Shinier, Healthier Hair

When we pick shampoos, we tend to look for ones that target our hair concerns, like frizz, greasy roots or something to keep our balayage hair color from fading. Then we often choose the winning formula from the contenders based on how good it smells. We tend not to scan the labels of our shampoos, but we should.… Read More »

Best Wedding Hairstyle Inspo From the Fall 2018 Bridal Collections

We’ve already picked our fave  wedding dresses from the Bridal Fall 2018 collections that ranged from Victorian to the wedding version of the naked dress. But as grand as the gowns may be, we’re equally drawn to the ornate and sometimes simple wedding hairstyles. This season, ponytails (straight and sectioned) along with braids reigned supreme.… Read More »

90s Hair Is Back, According to the Spring Runways

The fashion world loves few things more than a retro revival; it feels like the industry single-handedly keeps the phrase “what goes around comes around” in business. Every season we see some decade return for an encore on the runways in some form, be it fashion or beauty, and this season, 90s hairstyles are alive… Read More »

6 Curly Hair Hacks That Don’t Require Tons of Product

I spent the greater part of 23 years hating my curly hair. I ironed it, blew it out, braided it– anything to straighten it just a little bit. And as expected, all of that manipulation would eventually damage my strands. MORE: 7 Scalp Exfoliators That Could Legitimately Transform Your Hair Over time, I realized what kept… Read More »

7 Fall Hair Colors You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere

While you’re probably knee-deep in a virtual pile of the latest knee-high boots, we’d like to temporarily turn your attention to another fall must-have: a new hair color. Fall is the ideal time to take the leap and switch up your strands. Dying to try a raven-like mane? Did the petrol blue swatches at Fendi’s… Read More »

Fashionable hairstyles in fall and winter of 2016-17: trends

Do you want to start a new life? Change your hairstyle! A new styling and a new color of hair add to an inner transformation of a woman, change her mood and feeling, and, along with that, the entire world surrounding her changes. What changes to choose for oneself in the coming season, you can… Read More »

Hairstyles for thick hair

Those ladies with beautiful long hairs are always attract attention, especially of long hair are quite thick. However, these women often got such headache as combing and styling their hair, furthermore, sometimes long heavy thick hair can cause a real strong headache.   Usually, all problems connected with hair care can be linked to wrong… Read More »

Hair-dye without ammonia: Myth or truth?

Earlier women understood well that beauty requires sacrifices, thus they breath with ammonia steam while dyeing their hair. But now we have a new product: hair-dye without ammonia. Is it real? Is it possible that hair colour does not have terrible smell and the same time fx the colour for the long time. Invention of… Read More »