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What wears with leopard skirt

A lot of time passed but leopard skirts have not become old-fashioned. Moreover, today they are still a main trend. Many girls doubt: “What to wear with a skirt of such color?” Don’t worry! There are a lot of beautiful combination, which have become classic. Today will show you the things, which fit the leopard… Read More »

Paris street fashion 2015

It’s not a secret that Paris – not just the romantic capital of the world, but also the fashion world capital. It is here, in the shadow of Eiffel Tower, were held the most famous fashion weeks. It is here, near Champs Elysées, were born favorite perfumes and come into being cosmetics which is used… Read More »

Secrets of today

A look at the best-dressed ladies of the moment It wouldnbe too outrageous to say that personal style has reached its saturation point. Between the glut of outfit-a-day blogs, Instagrams, runway reality shows, mass-market designer collabs, and the Web sites that go with them, itnot difficult to find oneself overwhelmed, not to mention overdressed. Yet… Read More »