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Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback

In addition to being known as one of the first people to sport a bikini in a film (and for some questionable politics), Brigitte Bardot is also credited with making bangs popular back in the day. Specifically, curtain bangs. Her perfectly coiffed center-parted fringe became so iconic that it was due for a comeback. Brigitte… Read More »

Clever Fall Styling Tricks From Zara You Can Try Right Now

The best part of fall, hands down, is getting dressed. (Let’s give it up for layers! Pants and coats rendered in fun new colors! Sweaters and blazers worn stag!) The other best part of fall is updating our wardrobes — seeing September’s runway trends, buying them now. For us, this means a trip to (this… Read More »

The All-Natural Beauty Product Kourtney Kardashian Uses to Avoid Cancer

For years, Kourtney Kardashian has been giving Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop a run for their money with her never-ending spring of wellness tips. On Tuesday, the 38-year-old reality star strengthened her case as the next lifestyle guru to watch by revealing her favorite all-natural deodorants with potential cancer-preventing properties. On a post on her website… Read More »

11 Makeup Brands With the Most Inclusive Foundation Ranges

Foundation is the secret to flawless-looking skin and when it comes to finding the perfect shade for your skin tone, “good enough” simply won’t do. With its telltale tint and demarcation between the neck and face, unmatched foundation is not a good look. It’s no surprise that Rihanna’s newly launched Fenty Beauty range is flying off shelves — and… Read More »

33 Upgraded Ponytails That Take Your Updo to the Next Level

A ponytail is the default hairstyle for many of us. It’s the go-to ‘do when our hair is not cooperating or we just don’t have the time (or the energy) to try anything complicated like Dutch braids or a style that requires 20 bobby pins. A ponytail has seen us through many sweaty Zumba classes, trips… Read More »

7 Little, Low-Effort Ways to Stay Fit This Fall and Winter

When it comes to the urge to hibernate come cold weather, I’m super guilty. Once Daylight Savings hits, it’s dark hours before I leave my office, which makes it hard to motivate in the evening—also because of this—and without warmth and sunshine to entice me out for a run, I’m hard-pressed to force myself to do… Read More »