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Large Women’s Fashion Season: Fall-Winter 2016-2017

With each new season, fashion turns more and more democratic. The world’s leading designers are starting to address the problems of women with large forms, which isn’t surprising given that, according to statistical data, more than half of the world’s female population is bigger than your typical fashion models. Designers enact special fashion shows for… Read More »

The most fashionable colours: Autumn-2017

This Autumn trend consists of bright dynamic colours and shades, yet classic combinations like black-and-white or black mated by grey, beige and sandy-yellow are also possible. You need to pay more attention to blue and red colours, since they are still very popular, as well designers advice to use bright and intense orange shades. Those… Read More »

Tights and stockings: Sexiness that won’t let you feel cold

Despite first really cold weather bringing some despondency those who follow fashion still have all the reasons to have great mood and enjoy fantastic shopping. Pay full attention to the latest tendencies for the tights and stockings Autumn-Winter 2010/2011. You don’t have to worry; this part of clothes has been considered a high fashion for… Read More »

Fall 2013: poverty drives out the wealth

At the end of the summer before changing of fashion seasons it’s the right time to take a thought about the forthcoming fall trends that have been predicted in February and March shows of pret- a-porter. It is known that fashion is ahead of its time for at least six months. The world-known fashion houses… Read More »

How to wear flower print correctly

The trendiest things for this summer are flowers on accessories and clothes. Note that flower print of current season is a bit different compare to the previous one. Any trendy girl must know how to use flower print correctly. 1. Start with small things like accessories, and only after you get to used to them… Read More »

Trendy long skirts for summer

Wonderful stylish feminine long summer skirts have been gaining popularity during few past seasons. And there are no doubts that they are going to be the same popular in the next season as well due to their bright patterns and featheriness. Another advantage of such long skirts lies in their ability to be combined with… Read More »

Junior Trendy Clothing in Tribal Style

Junior trendy clothing is specifically designed to fit you as teenage. After transforming into semi adult age from the girl, you should know that you will find your own life style during the time you spend in this world. You can start it from the fashion style. Tribal style is quite exotic to complete your… Read More »