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Beach Clothes 2017

When their favourite fur-coats and high boots get into the far corner of the wardrobe, girls start dreaming about the joys of the coming summer: weightless colourful dresses, wood walks and, of course, beaches. In the summer women try to look attractive, seductive and little bit light-minded. The beach is the place where you can… Read More »

Fashionable winter of 2016-2017

Every person of the fair sex tries to keep an eye for tendencies and changes in the modern fashion in order to look fashionable, stylish and interesting. For this, one should keep track of the world’s innovations as shown on fashion shows, because every echo of the world’s podiums affects what we will wear next… Read More »

Fashionable rompers 2016/2017

Seeing rompers or jumpsuits in the fashion collections is getting very usual nowadays, so be prepared that you will see them offered for the autumn and winter as well. But they all have own trends and fashion styles. Mixed style jumpsuits for women Fashion house Anne Valerie Hash got under the spell of such rompers,… Read More »

Fashionable and bold orange clothes

Using orange colour in daily clothes is definitely bold action of an individual of strong personality. Simply because not everyone has courage to wear such bright colour, usually those people are artists or researchers who do not depend on the other people opinion and response. They say, that wearing orange clothes is quite daring like… Read More »

Things that are always in trend

It happens quite often: we buy something fashionable and trendy and then just throw it away in one or two seasons because it is already outdated and not in trends anymore. But there are things that any woman must have in her wardrobe no matter what fashion and trends are for this season. At first,… Read More »

Hey, you! Get out from my wardrobe!

Didn’t you know that even your wardrobe needs a general cleaning from time to time? So, get up and let’s see which things are not trendy and fashionable anymore. Space prints Stop wearing something with space prints since it is already outdated. Furthermore, why would you follow strict diets for the weeks to make your… Read More »

Nice Casual Clothes Design Inspiration

For daily fashion style, nice casual clothes design ideas should be gently chosen. It is because we were born in different shape, character, and personality. So we have to select our fashion style to suit those differences. Since in this world there are so many differences, it might be quite unique to find that fashion… Read More »

Arabic Fashion Clothes for Women

Arabic fashion clothes are always related to veil and hijab. Hijab is kind of hair cover which commonly worn stylishly to complete any fashion style. This hijab or veil fashion style currently becomes more popular among Asian continent where more than billion Muslim people live including Indonesia. Caftan is number two after the hijab. This… Read More »

Leutton Postle

THE FURIOUS HANDMADE FROCKS OF LEUTTON POSTLE TAKE CRAFT TO THE CAT WALK. Sam Leutton, one-half of the London-based womenswear line Leutton Postle, has a theory that knitters have minds like tangled threads of yarn. “Theya bit scatty,”she says. But Leutton, who runs the label with her former Central Saint Martins classmate Jenny Postle, is… Read More »