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How to pick a scarf of a neckpiece

When several dozens of new scarfs in wardrobe have appeared and many mistakes during the shopping have been made, I received knowledge of some secrets – how to happily pick a neckpiece or a scarf for your neck. In this article I want to tell you about it. If you pay attention to some refinements… Read More »

Fashion accessories of fall and winter of 2016-2017

The world of fashion accessories is multi-faceted and unpredictable, just like a woman’s character. And it is important to note that fashion accessories of fall and winter of 2014-2015 were created specifically for giving every fashionista a possibility to express her inner emotions. Individuality is never unfashionable, and so are accessories. Today she can be… Read More »

Sequins for the body

What are sequins? They are shining beautiful small rhinestones made from glass and plastic, they actually very much alike real precious stones therefore sequins may shine so nice under the sun! Now we can use sequins body, clothes, hair and nails. Let’s talk about how to make your body look nice with the help of… Read More »

Trendy women’s accessories spring/summer 2017

New Year always brings some changes into our lives. And although such changes in our personal or corporate life could be not that really good, the wonderful fashion world always give us some gift for each new season. And that will wake up the inner shopaholic in us. Most likely you got to know already… Read More »

How to choose bra correctly

Bras have been the most important thing in the female wardrobe for so long, and this is very well explained since this small intimate part of clothes may change woman greatly making her more beautiful and desired. Bra’s history is not that long, just less than a century when dangerous corsets were replaced by safe… Read More »

2012 Mens Accessories to Make You Look Stylish

2012 mens accessories are the accessories trends for men this year. When it comes to the accessories trends for men, the trends are usually not that different from the previous trends. And, like the previous trends, this year’s accessories for men can be worn for casual daily style. 2012 Mens Accessories to Compliment Your Look… Read More »

Big Metallic Rings Design for Funky Fashion Look

Big rings no matter what the material such as big metallic rings still become such trendsetter among teenager society. Well, teenage is a special period of life when young people begin to search their own life style in anything including fashion style. The teenagers typically prefer to try something new around them to make different… Read More »