Casual Attire for Men and Women the Simple Fashion Concept

By | May 6, 2012

Casual attire for men and women certainly might be different from each other. Well, since the gender is different, the attire concept also should be different, isn’t it? Let’s start from the casual definition first. What do you know about casual attire? Casual is another term of simplicity and comfortable which are combined into one. Mostly, the casual fashion style applied in simple, less of cloth and accessories application, or that is just the way you are.


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Casual Attire for Men and Women: Men

There are various ways which can be done to create your own casual attire for men and women. We know that men prefer wearing such simple things, since it suit and comfortable to wear. Well, that is the concept of casual basically. The simple things which can be worn either inside or outside the house, but it still give the stylish accent on it.

For men’s casual attire, simple dark blue jeans pant and shirt are enough to create the casual fashion style in the weekend. You can roll the shirt sleeve up into your elbow or even upper it to give the enjoyable sense. Another alternative style of men’s casual look is cargo shorts. It comes in various models, colors, and patterns which are ready to choose based on your personality and mood. It is such simple step to create the casual attire for men and women.

Casual Attire for Men and Women: Women

Casual look on women is more stylish and variously. It is because women are created to break the fashion with their fashion style sense. Well, various clothes designs are created to complete this casual fashion style. Many women only wear short pant and short dress to create a simple casual look, While the other woman wear t shirt and skinny jeans to suit the casual attire for men and women.