Boots trend

By | November 16, 2014

Boots are the most important part of woman’s wardrobe. They make you feel warm in frosty days and help create trendy and stylish looks. Boots may be combined with different kind of dress: skirts, jeans, dresses and with other things of a wardrobe. This new season every woman will find her own pair of boots.

Trendy boots2014

Ankle Boots

First autumn days are usually very warm and sunny. For this time ankle boots are necessary. Cut outs on boots are the main trends of this fall. Many designers fulfilled their shoe collections by short boots with deep cutouts. High heels, elegant lines make legs of women more attractive and seductive.

Trendy boots2

Treads and boots – stockings

Classic treads are boots which a little bit close knees. Treads from suede were very popular 10 years ago. But there are repetitions in fashion vary rare. Everything old comes back with new details and characteristics. Following this, designers decided created longer treads. Their height is now until thigh.

Trendy boots3

So the main trend of fall 2014 and winter 2015 is the form staining boot – top. They may be put on with suit, leggings, tight pants and jeans, mini – skirts and other details of the wardrobe. Designers mostly offer boots with small steady heels. So those, who wear boots, may feel comfort. Classic models of treads without any layers are as modern as gorgeous models with lace with beautiful decoration.

Boots on Heels

Boots on Heels

Beautiful and showy boots on heels will make women’s legs more pretty this autumn 2014. High and extremely sexual heel is in fashion this year.

Boots – tubes

Boots – tubes were the main trend of the last autumn. They are reflected in many collections of designers of this season.

Boots on a slip

A lot of fashion lovers will be glad that boots on a slip are trendy this winter 2014 – 2015. High round toed and sharp toed boots are very comfortable and steady. Women, who cannot imagine life without heels, but who don’t want to overload their legs can try this model.

Boots on sleep

Classic winter 2014 – 2015

Classic boots till knee is the best option for office dress. They may be matt, lacquer. Designers made them different from each other by using decorative things. But the main features of classic boots are elegance and modesty.

Boots on slip Classic winter

Fur boots

The time when it is too cold to wear ankle boots, but to warm for winter boots came. For the first winter months fur boots are the most appropriate. Fur is the main element of fall – winter 2014 – 2015. Every girl may find something that is of her taste.

Fur boots

High boots

Every woman dreams of high boots with boot – top. Winter 2014 – 2015 gives her such an opportunity. High boots will be extremely popular. Chose boots with steady heel of middle height.

Color, decoration and materials

Colors of this season are simple and modest:

  • Black
  • Dark – gray
  • Brown and its variations.

But for bright girls designers offer the following colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink.

Thanks to pure leather, thick wool and other materials winter boots will protect from winter frost. Fabrics with involving of gold and silver elements are also popular. There are matt and lacquer boots in collections. Not every boots are made of natural leather. There are models which are made of synthetic materials. Animalistic prints are in fashion this season. Metal elements are widely used. Boots are decorated with buckles, rivets and chains. Boots of winter 2014 -2015 strikes by unusual design and new things of designers.

Boots of the new season are modes and comfortable. Fashion doesn’t demand any victim this time. Women can choose not only trendy, but also comfortable boots. So fashion lovers may walk down snowy streets this year confidently.

Color, decoration and materials

There are a lot of models on low hells in collections of Missoni, Alexander Wang, Chanel and of many others fashion houses. Phillip Lam introduced boots with wide colorful heel. The combination of bright design and comfort can make fashion lovers like them. Fashion winter boots will be decorated by pink, white, blue heels.

Color, decoration

Boots will be not only functional, elegant and comfortable. Models with exaggerated cumbersome will be also in fashion. Such models will be useful for those, who love active life style. You may create a beautiful sport look with their help. Nicholas K introduced his fans unisex boots, which are for men and women.