Blue coat: from azure to ultramarine

By | May 19, 2014

Classic blue coat of all shades and style is back to the world of high fashion! This spring you should forget about black and grey tones. We are going to tell you everything about trendy blue coats and accessories for them.

Blue coat: from azure to ultramarine


Ultramarine, sapphire or Berlin azure?

For the beginning you need to choose your own blue shade. It could be for example deep indigo or bright ultramarine. Believe me, there are so many tones and shades of blue so you will definitely find your unique shade matching your look and personality. It is in fact very simple too do: just put the piece of blue fabric to your face. If it makes you look brighter and more vibrant then it is definitely your colour! Remember that you have to choose the coat regarding your body shape.

Blue coat

Blue cats: from azure to ultramarine

Street style: azure oversize coat and indigo coat with wrap.

Blue coat – blue and ultramarine

Both coats of alike style look very different simply because of various colour shades.

What to wear with blue coat?

Additional clothes to match your blue coat should be chosen depending on your own style.

1. Formal style. Blue classic coat of medium size will be great looking while being combined with column-dress, pencil-skirt or straight pants and high heels.

Blue coat – formal style

This season the fashion goes towards coats with shorter or folded sleeves (on the left side).

They look wonderful with long gloves and high heels.

The blue coat with raglan sleeves looks really interesting.

2. Casual daily style. A bit shorter blue coat-jacket with banded collar allows you to wear black, grey or dark blue jeans. And the shoes can be without high heels.


Blue coat – daily casual style

Casual style usually means some carelessness, so you don’t have to button your coat always.

3. Street-fashion. How to become noted in the big city where almost everyone is following the fashion? That means almost all girls will have the blue coat in their wardrobe. Street fashion lets you to make your extraordinary dreams and wishes to come true along with wild colour solutions. Mixing blue with carrot red, lime yellow and other acid colours, adding layered palatines, using ethnic patterns and unique decorations will help you to create very original style of your own.

Street fashion-2

Blue coat – street fashion

On the left side – blue coat paired with large accessories chains of 90-s, on the right side – wonderful combination of bright blue and wine red by Olivia Palermo.

Blue coat is the new street fashion

Street fashion — brave and not ordinary solutions

formal style

4. Marine style. If you are not sure what to add to your new blue coat then give way to classic! If the weather is good then you may wear it wide open so people can see the sailor shirt with blue, black or red stripes. Red handbag and lipstick together with original necklace made from thread and marine knots will be the best additions.

5. Blue coat and marine style

Sea style can be combined with blue coat, too. In fact it looks wonderful and fantastic yet bright and fresh.

6. Romantic style. Bell-bottomed blue coat with wide belt can be combined with any clothes with flower prints, going down skirt and dress of pastel tones.

Blue coat resembles the romantic style

Spring romantic

Shes and accessories for the blue coat

Choose shoes, handbag and scarf for the blue coat which can ideally harmonize between themselves.

Street fashion

The one of the best possible combination is dark blue coat with brown shades leather shoes and handbag: shades are ranging from beige to reddish. For your head you may need French style red bonnet or snood-scarf of tender tones. And for sure nothing can beat big palatine on your neck.

Blue coat and beige colour

The ideal combination is blue, brown and beige.

Blue coat and palatine

Shoes of bright colours and palatines may add some charm to your look.

Classic blue coat should be combined with rectangle handbags of medium size and bright clutches matching make-up and jewelry. Another original decoration is large brooch or ring with big blue stone.

It is better to combine blue oversize coat with skinny-jeans and big handbags or with men’s wide jeans with the holes on the knees and tiny clutches, because in this case you might need to rely on the disproportion rule.


What to where with blue coat?

Blue oversize coat is exactly the thing you need to create a specific look of enfant terrible.

Large metal buttons can be combined with small brooch-cameo.


As for the chosen shoes model it can be anything that suits the weather and your own mood: massive over-the-knees-boots, high heels boots or simple but elegant court shoes.