Black Art Deco Windows as the Timeless Style

By | May 26, 2012

Coming from 1920s and 1930s era that defining a clean with uncluttered appearance, it also influencing the home architecture, mostly for black art deco windows. The style is considering for minimalism look yet ultra-classic-modern. Before you deciding to choose the art deco style, you should understand what kind of material type that include to art deco spesification. The art deco period were used lacquer, stainless steel, aluminium, inlaid wood, even sharkskin and zebra skin were categorized in art deco materials. Not forget to mention that cubism and futurism also having an important role in art deco period.


Black art deco windows

Black art deco windows focusing on the fabric that incorporate with geometric styles to another window part which also important, such as curtains or drapes. The pattern has special pattern. The history wrote that trianglesm circles and arcs with the bold line that framed with another basic color, for example, white tone. The purpose of art deco windows design is spaning more larger numbers of window frames. The American Standard (Radiator) Building at New York City is one remarkable with black brickwork on the facade and bringing the gothic style as the solidity and massiveness effect.

Victorian period beame the most favourite style that creating art deco elements. The best combination as the perfect match is stained glass window. After knowing the historical part, then now your home is ready for black art deco windows.