Beach Clothes 2017

By | July 3, 2015

When their favourite fur-coats and high boots get into the far corner of the wardrobe, girls start dreaming about the joys of the coming summer: weightless colourful dresses, wood walks and, of course, beaches. In the summer women try to look attractive, seductive and little bit light-minded. The beach is the place where you can easily achieve the aim, though you are to meet some special requirements. Fashion designers create new models for each season, including summer, so, to look glamorous, stylish and feminine, you need to know the latest tendencies, trends and designs.

Bathing suits in trend this season

It’s likely that your current bathing suit will still do, especially if it is becoming and shows your body to the best. But designers continue producing new models and new styles, that’s why every year we see absolutely new looks at every beach and it is so easy to tell an extremely fashionable bikini from a two year old one. Now the most trendy materials are linen and cotton, knitted models in particular. Latex, nylon and other man-made materials that have become usual recently are no longer actual. Abundant decoration has gone as well and was replaced by succinctness, reserve and by even somewhat austere details. Dazzling colours of the previous season are being forced out by much more muted ones.

Beach Clothes 2015

Beach Clothes 2015

It’s stylish to appear at the beach in a laconic black, grey, blue or white bathing suit. Be careful with these colours, they might show the peculiarities of your body you would prefer to keep a secret which is, by the way, not that difficult using unusual details, various prints and abstract patterns, all of those are in trend this year. Totally forbidden from now on are old-fashioned highly cut swimming trunks and strings of all kinds, but suits with wide shoulder-straps are still fashionable. Strapless models are also in trend, but they work well on smallish girls with smallish breasts. For an unusual and unexpected look, choose trikinis where the upper and the lower parts are connected by multiple straps forming a quaint pattern, with this you will receive a lot of attention not only from men, but also from women of all ages and kids – everybody likes gazing at weird things not clear from the first glance. Trikinis are also not the best option for those who intend to get suntanned as your body will get the same pattern as your bathing suit!


Responsibility is needed when choosing both a fancy dress for the graduating party and a bikini for today’s beach stroll as you want to show as much as you can, but at the same time hide the places you wouldn’t like to expose that much. A beach set can include not only the bathing suit itself, but also a summer dress, shorts, top, sarong, straw hat, sandals, beach bag, sunglasses. Some garish wooden or plastic accessories could also go well with the set.

Beach Clothes 2015-2

Choosing what to wear to the beach you will definitely need some pictures of the latest designers’ work. Options are endless: dresses with the straps and without, light tunics with cuts or without, tiny shorts, full skirts… The open-shoulder dress is one of the most trendy designs of the coming season.

Sarongs and pareos will help you a lot at the beach itself. In fact, it is just a wide piece of cloth that can be used as a skirt, a dress or a scarf, to cover your shoulders or head.

Protecting your head against the sun is vitally important at the beach. A bandana or a baseball cap would look nice with a sports style swimming suit, a wide-brimmed hat would go with an elegant modest bathing suit.

For your precious foot, choose thick-soled, flat or one-toe sandals comfortable to walk on the sand.

Remember to take a matching capacious beach bag, you will need to room in it a great number of various things: a beach towel, sun lotion, extra clothes, light food, water, board games if you go with your friends or family. The bag can be plastic, cotton, linen, knitted, wicker – anything that matches your beach set and pleases you.