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Types of Jewelry Chains

Chain is an universal decoration, which has been popular for dozens of years. Let’s try to classify various chains by parameters.   Chain types for men and women Weight, weaving and length are the main chain characteristics. Chains for men are usually bigger and heavier. Men chain’s restraint and elegance are emphasized in weaving with… Read More »

Ear Cuffs

You probably have lots of ear rings, which complement your looks. But have you ever heard about ear cuffs? If you still don’t have these beautiful things, it is time to do it. We will give you some advises about cuffs and how to wear them. What Are Ear Cuffs? Cuffs is a sort of… Read More »

What Is Phalanx Ring?

Phalanx rings had came from the ancient times. They were first introduced to the modern fashion by well-known designer Jean-Paul Gaultier who presented ring for the last phalanx, which imitaded the nail. Later, Alexander McQueen fashion house had offered something like brass knuckles: several rings fitted around the hand. Today phalanx rings are popular again.… Read More »

Top 5 Golden Bracelets of 2017 Collections

Strict and frivolous, bright and monochrome, classic and futuristic – 2016-2017 jewelry collections have bracelets for every taste. Mixing various styles, designers create original jewelry for modern women. Which of them were on top this fall? Handheld Bracelets Jewelry must-have 2017 is a handheld bracelet (“palm” bracelet in European and American collections). It should be… Read More »

What is fashionable to wear in winter 2017?

In the cold season, the main purpose of clothes is heat retention. However, don’t forget about the appearance. Even in the warm clothes, you need to look stylish and elegant. In this article, we will tell you that it is fashionable to wear in winter 2017 and remain in the trend. Colors and prints Classic… Read More »

Fashionable bijouterie 2017: elegance and uniqueness

Today you can hardly imagine a woman or a girl without any accessory. Fashionable bags, elegant hats, bright scarfs and jewelry have become an important part of any look. They are not just an addition, but often a key element of an image. Let’s look on trends and news in bijouterie in 2017. Forget about… Read More »

New fashion denim trends 2017

It is easy to discover all new jeans’ trends in fall-winter 2016-2017 season – just look at the latest fashion shows. However, it is more difficult to quickly orientate in a variety of brands and models and choose the most convenient style that will light you in the crowd. This is particularly important when we… Read More »

How to dress the girls which have A silhouette?

As a result of unsuccessful dieting many women write themselves into the category of losers and no longer look after them If you are one among them, then do it for nothing. No matter how full your body, it can look attractive. For this you need only to choose the right clothes. I checked it… Read More »

Stylish geometry – trousers and shorts

Trousers and shorts “by the pattern” In this part of “Stylish geometry” we will give special attention to the most complex subject of wardrobe – trousers, as well as to their “close relatives”: shorts and overalls. To choose for oneself ideally sitting trousers is not an easy task but at the same time it is… Read More »