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Remarkably Fresh and Interesting Scarf-Styling Tips, Courtesy of Zara

Welcome to our second Zara appreciation post in less than 30 days. Apologies for fangirling, but as mentioned previously, despite various well-documented missteps (and accusations of plagiarism), we hold the Inditex-owned fast fashion chain close to our hearts. Why? The retailer consistently packs its would-be shelves with chic, affordable runway dupes, plus its stylists are… Read More »

13 Essential Nude Eyeshadow Palettes for Every Budget

Going nude can be a bit intimidating. Do you keep it simple and make it look like you’re wearing nothing at all? Or do you opt for a bit of shimmer to make a bigger statement? When it comes to nude eyeshadow palettes, there’s a surprising amount of versatility. You can make your eye look… Read More »

The Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Shinier, Healthier Hair

When we pick shampoos, we tend to look for ones that target our hair concerns, like frizz, greasy roots or something to keep our balayage hair color from fading. Then we often choose the winning formula from the contenders based on how good it smells. We tend not to scan the labels of our shampoos, but we should.… Read More »

Kendra Wilkinson Rushed To Hospital, Las Vegas Shows Canceled

Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson announced on Twitter that she was in pain and is being rushed to the hospital. Here’s everything we know on the situation. Oh no! Kendra Wilkinson, 32, announced on Twitter on Nov. 18 that she was “hurtin bad,” and that she was headed to the emergency room. She also made… Read More »