Adidas Apparel Technology for the Best Sport Clothing Innovation

By | May 7, 2012

Most sport attire providers such as Adidas have their own special technology such as Adidas apparel technology to feature the product. As sport clothing supplier, Adidas support its product with special technology so that the apparel is suitable for any climate. So many innovations to produce perfect sport clothing are made by Adidas. In this article, you will get much information about Adidas clothing technology called ForMotion.


adidas apparel technology

ForMotion Sport Concept as Adidas Apparel Technology

ForMotion is new clothing innovation which applied in any Adidas apparel product currently. The concept is expected to support any physical motion such as upper, front, and lower body part of an athlete. It is made of some different special fabrics and certain proportion to produce the best composition on the Adidas apparel technology.

There are three sport types concept from Adidas apparel technology applied on the ForMotion apparel. The first is linear sport which focuses on the forward as the main motion. The next concept is lateral sport which focuses on quickly movement and upper body rotation such as tennis. The last sport concept is Helix movement which focuses on the lower body motion.

ForMotion Feature as Adidas Apparel Technology

Climate features on the ForMotion will lower the body heat when the athlete does their sport activities. The apparel will absorb the sweat quicker and better than other sport apparel. ForMotion is new innovation on Adidas apparel technology which makes any Adidas apparel should be chosen.