A Long Cardigan: Which to Choose and What to Wear With

By | April 11, 2016

Of course, a sweater is the main item of a cold season. But we would also add a cardigan here. And exactly an elongate one!

Such one is a part of a lot of collections, and there are a lot of reasons for it.

Firstly, a long cardigan will cover your loin: hard winds in winter can blow out even under the coat!

Secondary, it looks rather fresh (in comparison to the more short versions).

Long Cardigan

Long Cardigan


Thirdly, taken under a belt, such a model will slimmer your greatly and will add some height, in case that the fiber is of average thickness, dense and there are no overlaps around the waist.

The key properties of such a cardigan are:

  • correct length ( in no case exceeding the length of your coat and changing the proportions of your specific figure to the worse side) ;
  • universality (splashy color, rough or complex binding, print, décor – all these thing will make the item little avail for some situations, for example, for working go-outs);
  • sufficiently dense material and not too adjacent breed – so that such thing as sleeves’ edges of the bottom part, blouse clasp, back pockets of jeans are not shown through the fiber).

It’s also important that there shouldn’t be any turn-ups in the bottom of the product and it also shouldn’t narrow downwards.

There are all the recommendations for a basic cardigan. If you have such one then you can buy something brighter, more noticeable, with interesting details. But the base is first of all.

Speaking about the color spectrum, I would recommend stopping on light tones. Beige, pearl gray, flesh, milky ones will blend with pastel and dark colors as well as with bright ones, while chocolate, black and dark grey colors are more selective.

However you should orient on your own wardrobe, it can be that in your case a model of maroon or bright green color will be the most universal!

Ideally, it’s a good idea to find a variant of cardigan which could be worn both the belt and without it, as well as unbuttoned and buttoned. My favorite and ideal variant in this case is a model from the fashion designer Yana Kovich.

To tell the truth, there is no clasp on it, only a belt (which is separate and there is no loops on the item itself, what is definitely a plus, too), but it looks very spectacular both buttoned and unbuttoned.

I would also like to mention a wide color spectrum, you have a plenty variants to choose from. And how many looks you can create with such a cardigan!

Actually, that’s what we are going to do.

Of course, creating interesting and comfortable looks with your ideal cardigan which may already collect dust in your closet, and maybe it now exists only in your imagination. As before, you can add a coat over it mentally – all the looks are designed also for a cold season.

Office weekdays

Not every dress-code admits knitwear. But if you are lucky, then in winter you can change your jacket to a cardigan.

Just make sure that the material is really good, without any braids, complex patterns etc.

Office weekdays


Without brakes

It’s very simple: sweater, jeans, shoes, roomy bag.

For walks, shopping, meeting with friends, trips. An oversize down jacket or coat for the top and you can go forward!

Without brakes


Hey girl, can I meet you?

If you have enough high heels and there is a dry weather, it’s high time to put on a long skirt. A lot of people wear them in summer, but no one do it in winter and autumn (and it’s clear!).

That’s one more reason for dressing in the latest fashion. The skirt color is to your notice. Besides, a coat in this case should also be with a belt; otherwise it will look like a bag.

Hello, Britain!

The tone here is set by boots (like those for riding!) and a plaid cap. The look may be supplemented with knitted socks.

Let’s go visiting!

Court shoes are a good variant for changing clothes if, for example, you came in the restaurant on an anniversary when it’s fierce frost: no one will like to spend all the evening in boots with fur.

Ankle Boots (leopard) will be good here, too, and even skin jack boots (not leopard in any case!)

Be brighter!

If you plan some untypical event, such as an exhibition, visiting a fashion show or something like it, you can afford to look brighter and even more extravagant than usual, people will appreciate it!

Such items like a bight dress, unusual bag or shoes, large jewelry, will help you a lot.