3D Acrylic Nail Art Design for Stunning Look

By | July 10, 2012

3D acrylic nail art actually has similar texture and style as like common 3D nail art. There are numerous styles and models of the nail art to complete any fashion and clothing trend. Japan is the greatest provider and designer of this kind of 3D nail art. No wonder that you will find many teenage girl and women who apply the nail art anywhere and anytime. Let’s check the nail art design out.

3D Acrylic Nail Art: French and Floral

Summer is the best season where we spend more time out of the house no matter where the destination is such as barbequing in backyard, swimming in the pool or beach, and many more. 3D acrylic nail art is perfect choice to complete your summer casual wear. With floral print applied on sun dress, French and Floral nail art would be pretty enough to complete it.

3D acrylic nail art French and Floral consists of simple 3D flower pattern applied on the nail surface. Pink with metallic silver polish applied as the base polish on the nail. Some flower pattern in same color arranged properly to cover the base polish. You can also read about pink summer dress for plus size.


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3D Acrylic Nail Art for Valentine

Rose is such romantic symbol for Valentine day. Besides rose, certain colors such as pink and red also become love symbol in this romantic day. Maroon base polish is applied to contrast soft pink rose flower pattern on it. This 3D acrylic nail art looks simple but stylish at the same time.