The most fashionable dresses for spring of 2017: evening and casual dresses

By | January 10, 2015

Are you terribly tired of autumn and slush? We advise you to think of good, pleasant, warm and fragrant summer. At the same time, at once you can choose suitable model for coming spring-and-summer fashionable season. You cannot do without bright apparel, after all in this season it would be desirable to be especially feminine and elegant. In spite of recently apparel, girls’ clothes consist of trousers and jeans nothing is everlasting. On a par with women’s tendency to be independent, this year the designers decided to emphasize girls’ feminity and delicacy. And, it seems that fashionable woman are not against.

spring dress

On this page, there are the most fashionable dresses, which will be relevant in spring-and-summer of 2017. In the review, there are fashionable dresses for spring for evening and casual clothes.

In particular, this element of clothes exalts figure delicacy and elegance both for a business lady and a slender young mother. Nowadays dresses are popular among women at a mature age and very young women. Among represented collections, each of us can choose clothes of a close silhouette according to our mood, age and occupation. It seems that fashionable clothes have never been so charming, comfortable and feminine.

In every dress, you must emphasize your waist. If there is no narrowed waist, elastic band or something else, you can buy a small belt or tie a piece of ribbon. Such an impression can be made with the help of a slit in the fabric, combination of different fabrics and colours, thickness and transparency of material.


In coming season dresses with complicated diagonal lines, interchange of lines of contrast colours (two or more tints), drapery and using of crinkled fabric will be very fashionable. All and sundry can create amazing visual effects.

Somebody emphasize woman’s silhouette delicacy with the help of waist accentuating, others decided to help us to correct our proportions. They chose a very original way: perhaps you did not hear but asymmetry is one of the main spring and summer trends (in Hollywood such cut is called origami because of resemblance of edges and lines). Such methods as low shoulder line, wide belt, a little long front side of a dress, stuck out bow lines at breast level, asymmetrically cut seams –all creates an external effect, attracts attention and creates necessary proportions of a figure.

The most fashionable dresses for spring of 2015: cut, colour and décor

The first thing we you should pay attention to when choosing your ideal image is cuts with the help of which the designers decided to emphasize waist. You can see both wholly open-work models and partly ones when it is necessary to emphasize. Undoubtedly, they will become an ideal variant for evening appearance especially if you chose maxi dress or midi length one with a puffy skirt. In such an apparel you will become centre of men’s attention during the whole evening.


Also combination of two contrast tints allow to pay attention to you and the most fashionable dress – secretly the designers used such ruse in coming season actively. You can chose either double opposition or more spirited stripes. By the way, they emphasize waist also with the help of different tapes – they are tied on a proper place instead of a belt sometimes in the form of a flower or a bow. Both decorative elements are considered ones of main features of fashion image in spring and summer of 2017 and they look very soft and romantic. For the same purpose, fashionable cuts are produced so that you can very often see an elastic band sewn in a dress.


“Hour-glass” cut is very often used on the catwalk, and at the same time, it can be midi length, full-length or comes to the middle of a thigh. We advise to wear such a cut with pumps or open-toe but necessarily high-heeled or wedge heeled. The models with small floral design together with beige pumps will look very softly. It is trendy in this season. In spring, you can wear a midi length cut with ankle boots or high boots with long bootleg. It will look quite non-typical but it is a purpose of fashion houses this year.

The most relevant silhouettes according ot many stylists are trapezium and regular fit. Such serve as a basis for all fashion houses and changed to such an extent that a reference point is difficult to find (but it is possible).

aqua dress

Do not forget to emphasize your breast with the help of magnificent V-neck. By the way, it emphasizes not only this part of woman’s body but stretches your silhouette. Having dual advantages from one element of clothes, it is difficult to keep from its buying. In spring-and-summer of 2017 dresses with such a V-neck can be both in casual and evening models with solid colour or geometrical or floral design.

Even in summer, the fashion houses could not keep from fur. During the showings, we noticed some models with fur stripes on a sleeve and a hem. How can we refuse such a weakness when we can look luxuriously every day? Colours and décor can be different but they have minimalism concept.

Complicated cuts with touches from lace and ruches, contrast colour of organza, decorations on a collar, sleeves and pockets are very popular among European fashionable women. Also, do not forget about metal dissemination, geometrical perforation. Bright laces and gauze will become an excellent addition to an evening dress and black or white shoes. You should not mix everything, choose two or three decorative elements and accessories of neutral tint for them. In such a way, your image will be stylish and harmonious.

In addition to fabric and metal decorations, it is possible to add fabric flowers with pastes and spangles which are spread jauntily on a hen of a light transparent double-layer dress.


Traditionally in summer and spring dresses with flower patterns are very popular and this year is not an exception. Such models are at the height of their fame again and are ready to make us happy more than a year. However, if last year the designers preferred small patterns, this year there are no limit. You can see different sizes of bundles, different intensity. There are such models which contain several prints at once – geometrical and floral or spotted and eastern, all in the same cut. Such model looks spirited and in day-to-day life, it will look quite harmonious. We can see again colour prints in elegant evening dresses with a cutout back, midi length and with “three quarter” sleeves. And, of course, they are necessary for romantic ladies, they can wear such dresses for a romantic date or go for a walk putting on ballet shoes.

You cannot do without brand-news. In 2017, these are evening volume splendid dresses made of gobelin and Jacquard. Even evening dresses of a simple cut made of such fabrics will essentially stand out among similar dresses. It is all thanks to volume pattern on surface. The silhouettes and forms of these dresses are not worse than others are, there are also pleats, “three quarters” sleeves and elegant smell. If you do not know what pattern or colour to choose, the best one is east. Piquant tints of East (deep-green, vinous, indigo, mustard, carmine) look very atmospheric and elegant on gobelin and Jacquard.

Such model you will want to wear not only in streets or evening party but at work too. The designers thought so too and put on sale a collection of clothes a little close and straight silhouette in minimalism style without excess details and without décor. The one thing which was allowed is pockets and a collar of reserved range of colours.

What fashionable dresses you should choose for everyday life for yourself?

The designers decided to single out an unusual casual dress in Saint-Laurent collection. It is an unsymmetrical black model with prints of ripe cherries. The first thing which attracts our attention is an unusual cut: one shoulder sleeve, and from the side where it is absent hem length reaches hem while from the other side it slightly reach the middle of a thigh. The second thing is colour contrast, unusual pattern and flounce near the neck. A girl turned out to be Carmen even with range of colour retaining. The modeler emphasized waist with the help of a volume leather belt.


Another beautiful model is a red mini dress. If you do not want to associate it as festive or evening one, add a raincoat or a jacket of khaki style. This combination will be devilish and quite spirited but such a set will look vividly and interesting. And, of course, it will attract attention of those around us to your slender legs. More rock style will be achieved if you choose fashionable red clothes with white spots and a leather jacket.

Recently we told about leather trousers. What about a casual leather dress with insertion lace and lacing? Great Gucci decided that there are no unusual things in such a combination and created such a model for different events. However, it is not a single rule for him. In order to get in everyday life it is necessary to choose a model of free cut and mini length. However, we met midi models. Leather was in unusual form – in the form of fringe. You should agree that it looks more interesting especially if one complete set has several bright colours.

What fashionable dresses you should choose for spring and summer for yourself to wear it in everyday life or evening party? It depends on own taste preference. If you like freedom pay attention to country, boho and Provence style.

Boho style imports free dresses in modern fashion which resemble a night-dress or a house dress. But the designers tried harder and added spangles, stones and other decorative elements. As a result, they began to look like samples of glam style. The best length is midi and mini. They emphasize well beauty of a figure, legs and at the same time, they do not look like house clothes. Almost unanimously, the preference was given to black and beige colours.

In spring and summer multi-layer dresses will look vivid and feminine. We used to see this trend in autumn-and-winter collections but in 2015 the designers decided to change everything. Skirts, sleeves and even breast can be multi-layer. It is desirable that a dress will be of soft and pale shades with romantic prints.

For everyday life, it is comfortable to wear clothes of ethnic style. These are free cut, not bright range of colours, and special attrition. This year the Indian tribes and Mexican motif were chosen as a main prototype.

spring dress 2

The simplest and most practical casual model is a shirt-dress with typical collar to a throat. Such models usually have straight cut and a minimum of décor. Instead of it, we can use a collar from beads and stones, patch pockets, decorative shoulder straps on sleeves. It is not necessary to choose luxurious materials for everyday life. We prefer simple and light materials that are comfortable for moving and a body can breathe. These materials are denim, flax, cotton, and suede. Accordingly, a range of colours can be also maximum natural – white, brown, lavender, pink, green, beige, tender blue, and yellow.